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Interactive Musical Entertainment with Saxophone and Flute

Would you like something different for your next happy hour or life-enrichment activity?  Check out my audio samplings below!

Music - The Quickening Art

Brain Food


The universal language among humans - music penetrates more deeply and lastingly into our memory than words or speech.  

In fact, studies increasingly indicate that live music has beneficial effects on memory, cognition, energy and quality of life at all stages.  

Memory Triggers


Music is especially powerful for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, where it can help restore and reinforce the sense of self often lost as memory declines.

(Speaking of good memories, my one-man setup also works great if you'd like to liven up your next party with the most popular "ballroom" dancing tunes of all time -- I invite you to take a listen to the audio samples below, and get in touch to discuss your next party!)



Rick Hilleary (anagram of "LyricalHiker") performs the most popular songs from the 20’s through the 90's, relating little known trivia about the published year of each song.  The program always turns into a musical party with lively group interaction, clapping, singing and even some dancing -- fun for all ages!    

"Personally, I love it when one of my selections ‘hits home’ - seeing that sparkle of recognition, bringing up associated feelings and thoughts around memorable times in their lives." 

Music Awakening at a Memory Care Facility-Ft Myers

Listen to this clinically unresponsive elder lady at a memory care facility in Ft Myers recognize one of my songs (Moonlight Serenade) and suddenly have an awakening! 

At the end you'll hear the comment from one of the nurses who had not heard her voice in a long  time (click sound wave below)

My Audio Samplings

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